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The key to a quick, happy closing? Cash.

Cash buyers have the advantage - from getting their offers accepted to moving into their dream homes faster. Cash buyers can save big too. In fact, 27% of buyers are cash buyers*, and they may be able to pay about 11% less**. Best of all, with NAF Cash, you don't need to sell your current home first.

Start you new life in your new home sooner. Win big with the convenience of cash. Become a cash buyer today.

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Cash offer company | NAF Cash

Clients Can Save and Win

Help your clients potentially win and save with an all-cash offer. 27% of buyers are cash buyers*, and they may be able to pay about 11% less**.

All cash offer | NAF Cash

Close Fast with Cash

Close more homes more quickly.

Extend an All-Cash Offer and Win

Get your buyers' offers accepted, close more homes more quickly, save time and money.

A Gamechanger for You and Your Buyers

Cash offer for home | NAF Cash

Hassle Free

Make a competitive offer with no contingencies.

Cash offer for my house | NAF Cash

Close Fast with Cash

Get the offer accepted and potentially save with cash.

Buy home with cash | NAF Cash

Win in Today's Market

Close more homes more quickly with cash.

NAF Cash Benefits


  • No fees for agents
  • No sacrificing commissions
  • Close more homes more quickly
  • Potentially save buyers money
  • Only 3% of selling price required as earnest money
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NAF Cash Process

We are a team dedicated to helping you close more homes and help your buyer get the home they want. We are committed to serving the needs of both you and your buyer.


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Get your clients pre-approved through your loan officer.


Find Your Buyer's
Dream Home

Once your client is pre-approved, it's time to start shopping for your buyer's dream home.


Make a Cash Offer

Once you find a perfect home, it's time to make a cash offer.


NAF Cash Purchases
Home with Cash

NAF Cash will purchase your buyer's home with cash and sell it back to them.


Buyer Moves into their
New Home

Buyer can move into their new home upon close. NAF Cash sells the home back to the buyer.


NAF Cash Sells the Home
Back to the Buyer

NAF Cash will sell the home back to your buyer through lender financing.

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